Logos for different brands we've created.
The GreenWay Solar Brand Creation
Logo and Brand creation for a UK based Renewables Energy company
Tropika Smoooth Cruise to da Island branding elements
NIMA Brand Creation
Creative projects Agency, NIMA, asked me to design their brand. The logo was inspired by the creative feild NIMA worked in so the brushstrokes were used. I used the i upside down to make an ! and the negative space was incorporated bring attention to it.
LBOC Fund Brand Creation
This is the Branding Identity for a Education Fund in South Africa that give school leavers opportunity to receive tertiary education or get plaved into jobs.
Prezi Presentations - giving a new and much more fluid option for presenting to clients
Internal Cooking Competition Invites
This was a internal invitation for a cooking competition.
The Rolling Barista Brand Creation
The Rolling Barista is mobile coffee shop. I worked on the design from the inception to execution.
The Urban Sessions Brand
The Urban Sessions is an event that celebrates Urban Sport and Culture, this is the branding and the elements I created for it.
Special Olympics Booklet
Here are some examples from the pages of a booklet design I did for Special Olympics. They went to schools and interveiwed children about what they thought of people with disabilities, then they gave them some education and introduced them to some disabled children and their responses were totally different. This booklet shows the children's quotes.
Royal Unibrew Brochure
A brochure design showing the different drinks available in the Royal Unibrew range
The Underground Magazine
This is a magazine we created to showcase and highlight urban and underground culture
Medical Aid Brochure
Some page layouts for a medical aid brochure - make graphs and text look interesting.
MarcoPina Fragrances Website
Website design for Fragrance and Beauty brand. I worked on this from concept to completion. The website features an integrated online store, blog page and all the other usual functions found on websites
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